Stony Brook Perl Mongers

Why Perl?

Because Perl is a language for getting your job done. Which explains why Perl is so popular with financial companies, system administrators, and web application developers. Fancy Bioinformatics? Care for a job at Wall Street? Heard about Java and .NET incorporating Perl-like regex functionality? Well, time to meet the real thing.

Why Perl Mongers?

Because Perl is still a hidden treasure. Although not a part of most CS or AMS grad curricula, many of us have to learn it and use it efficiently. Perl is extremely easy-going, and one can be writing useful code in just a few hours. But it takes time to become a real Perl guru. come to the rescue! We want to join forces and take advantage of each others' strengths, easing the path to Perl serenity.

Why Stony Brook?

Because Stony Brook University has a lot of computer scientists, applied mathematicians, linguists, life scientists, bioinformaticians, sys admins, and plain old programmers that use Perl for an amazing array of applications. Stony Brook is also affiliated with the Brookhaven National Laboratory and the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. We know that lots of folks use Perl at these Labs and at many companies all over Long Island, so we would like to outreach to them as well.

Dear Fellow Perlistas, please step forward and let your app be known.

Contact us

Kostas Pentikousis and Robert Rothenberg are the StonyBrook.PM leaders. You can email us at "info AT stonybrook dot pm dot org"

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